Music Evolved is a music production team based out of Columbus, Ohio.  The trio, consisting of Pamon “PCp” Clarkson, Cody Boyce “The Chord Lord,” and Danny “Bear” Hardgrove, was formed to aid its clients who specifically acquire tailored sounds and production for their musical projects.  The team is made up of experienced music producers, production engineers, songwriters, arrangers, and a staff of seasoned studio musicians.  Combining commitment and excellence, Music Evolved proves its resonance in today’s ever-changing music industry by embracing new trends, looking back to the classic eras, and setting no limitations in the pursuit of perfection.

With over 30 years of experience, our personnel dominate the art of music production, mixing, mastering, vocal production, arranging, and composing.  With proven dedication to the music industry, our group of ingenious and diverse individuals commits to giving the highest quality services to our clients.  The creativity of our producers is felt through an array of musical backgrounds, including pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, country, Latin, jazz, electronic dance music, Christian/Gospel, and musical scores for television, film, video games, musical theater, and classical ensembles.

It is this differentiation in musical backgrounds that gives Music Evolved’s many productions such a unique sound: electronic drums are infused with live instruments and classic recording techniques; bands and ensembles receive a natural, live organic tone; and film scores blend giant orchestral timbres with percussion and sound FX.  Regardless of genre or medium, the team at Music Evolved can deliver your creative vision to your fans’ ears.


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