Music Evolved offers a variety of services tailored to any music project.  Some of these services include:

  • Production – we’ll help to channel your artistic vision into a polished final product – singles, EPs, or full albums
  • Songwriting – turn your scribbled lyrics into a hit song, or write that interlude that your work-in-progress has always needed
  • Vocal Production – extracting the right emotions and tapping into your full potential in the studio – including breathing, phrasing, diction, and energy
  • Arranging/Transcription – choral arrangements of pop songs, big band jazz charts, orchestration, and sheet music transcriptions
  • Beats – drop your lyrical flow on top of an intricate and intriguing bed of music
  • Recording – expert mic’ing and tracking techniques bring your sound to life on tape
  • Mixing – a mash-up of oldschool and newschool techniques adds a unique touch to your song
  • Mastering – the final polish your music needs to be radio ready
  • Jingles – branding a company?  Bring your product or service to your customers through music
  • Voiceovers – interactive dialogue & monologue for commercials, film, and TV
  • SFX & Sound Design – laser beams!  Martial arts!  Ocean waves!  Foley pits!
  • Original Scores – completely custom pieces for contemporary, classical, and chamber groups
  • Instrumentals – background thematic music for video games, websites, and more
  • Studio Musicians – professional cats to perform your tunes right in the studio
  • Band Rehearsals – group just not jelling?  No stage presence?  No direction?  We got you covered
  • Artist Development – it’s the preparation you put in outside the studio that has an effect on your performance in the studio and on the stage

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