-PCp, an executive producer with 6 years of experience in music entertainment, has travelled from Atlanta to Los Angeles and everywhere in between for freelance work and training in music project production, mix engineering, songwriting, producing, and mastering. In these few short years, PCp has gained both experience and exposure to the industry, while working with many Billboard-charting projects including T.I.’s “Paper Trails,” Ludacris’ “Battle of the Sexes,” Independent Film Channel’s “O, brother,” and the reality TV show “Hollywood Socialites,” as well as with affiliate producer Luney Tunez.

With a tremendous amount of determination, self-motivation, and willingness to achieve his goals, PCp is always hard at work: by day as a volunteer teaching music production to teenage students or traveling around the country in studio sessions with clients, songwriters, and artist collaborations; and by night, in the studio with his team of musical geniuses, constructing and designing timeless music. “I consider myself a versatile and multi-genre producer, with the skills to produce any music project, while at the same time always making a listener wonder: what were you thinking when you made this?”

-Cody has a B.A. in Music with a specialization in Audio Production from Otterbein University, and has been producing for 7 years.  After a stint of teaching guitar at Otterbein as well as freelance private lessons, Cody teamed up with PCp and decided to focus his efforts on producing bands, and partnering up in collaborations with singer-songwriters. His past work has included productions and live performances with Shohei Toyoda, J.T. Hillier, Sarah Overdier, and Ryan Rini.  Cody has performed as a guitarist at the House of Blues Cleveland, the Lincoln & Palace Theaters (Columbus), and the Promo West venue Columbus Commons.

Extensive live performance has trained Cody’s ears to bring the sound and energy of a live concert into the listener’s headphones. He also endeavors to revive recording techniques of the 50s & 60s, an era that produced timeless, long lasting hits.  “One thing I learned early on is that ‘if it sounds good, it is good.’  I try not to let technicalities get in the way of the overall sound and emotion of a piece of music.”  His production is influenced by classic figures such as Berry Gordy and Paul Rothschild, as well as modern greats Bob Rock and Rick Rubin.

-Danny, a songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and arranger, has prior music industry experience with Capitol Records, Warner Music Group, and Capital Records with Sun Music Group, just to name a few.  Danny started playing instruments in a live setting when he was 10 years old; and coming from a family of musicians, he cannot remember as a child ever playing with a toy that did not make music.  Starting his career as a studio musician and vocal producer, he quickly made a name for himself in the local music scene as a go-to producer who can complete any task at hand. Heavily influenced by some of the greats such as the Parliament Funkadelic, Slave, Earth, Wind, & Fire, and the Ohio Players, he has touched on almost every aspect of the industry.

Retiring from music 7 years ago because of the many changes in the music industry, Danny has spent his time catching up with computers and music software. Proficient at creating music using analog equipment and techniques he learned during the 70s, 80s, & 90s, Danny is now back to making music full time.  When it comes to experience, Danny “Bear” is chock full of it, and lends his seasoned ear to the rest of the Music Evolved team.


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